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Prime 10-Acre Industrial Investment Opportunity in Mojave, CA 9350

Welcome to a rare gem in Kern County! This 10-acre industrial property presents a lucrative investment in the heart of a thriving business district. Strategically located with airport approach height combining, and precise development combining, this parcel is a strategic choice for industrial ventures.

$44,000 50,000

For Sale

2.51 Acres of Pure Tranquility in Cantil, California!

Escape to the serene beauty of Kern County’s desert landscape with this exceptional 2.51-acre parcel in Cantil, CA. Embrace the boundless possibilities this vast property offers, surrounded by breathtaking views and natural wonders. Perfect for those seeking solitude or a unique investment opportunity, this desert oasis is waiting for you!

$8,999 12000

For Sale

15.21 Acre Lot in Leona Valley CA 93532 -Ideal for Agricultural, Recreational and Residential 

Discover the extraordinary possibilities on this expansive 15.21-acre canvas in the hills of Leona Valley!

$48,000 55000

For Sale

10-Acre Oasis in Mojave, CA – Your Canvas for Agricultural Dreams!

Welcome to your own piece of tranquility in the Mojave Desert! This property is a golden opportunity for those seeking exclusive agricultural space. Nestled in Kern County, California, this vast property offers endless possibilities for anyone with a green thumb and a dream.

$24,999 35000

For Sale

Prime 9.9 Acre Investment Opportunity for Farm/Mobile Home in California City, CA!

Discover the potential of this incredible 9.9-acre property located in Kern County, California. Perfect for an investment in farming or a mobile home, this spacious lot offers an array of possibilities.

$17,888 25,000

For Sale

Prime 10-Acre for Investment in Inyokern, CA!

Discover the allure of this expansive 10-acre desert haven on Drummond Ave, Inyokern, CA. An investment gem offering breathtaking mountain views, flat terrain, and the freedom to build your dream home.

$$17,500 35,000

For Sale

10 Acre Lot in Inyokern, California

$19,999 35,000

For Sale

10 Acre Property in Cantil, California

This 10-acre lot is located in Cantil, CA. Perfect for making a long-term investment or building your dream home!

$7,500 $15,000

For Sale

5 Acre Solar Leasing Potential Lot in Mojave, California

$17,500 25,000

For Sale

5 Acre Lot in Rosamond, California

$14,999 16,000

For Sale

0.63 Acre Luscious Lot situated in the heart of Reynolds Landing, GREENSBORO, GA!

$65,000 68000

For Sale

0.34 Acre Lot in Villa Rica, Georgia

$12,500 15,000

For Sale

0.43 Acre Lot in Villa Rica, Georgia

$25000 30,000

Under Contract

5.02 Acre Residential/Agricultural Investment Opportunity 

$29,888 35,000

Under Contract

Invest in 10.04 Acres Industrial Lot in in Mojave, CA 93501

$44,000 50000

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At The American Dream Land, we take pride in the outstanding quality and diversity of the properties we present. What sets our property listings apart?

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Our properties are strategically positioned in growing locations, assuring the highest potential for investment value. Whether you seek tranquillity in rural settings or the vibrancy of commercial areas, we have the perfect spot for your property dreams.
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