About Us

Ode to the Land 

“Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) guide me so I may be a willing servitor for your blossoming. As without you, I am nobody. I am the product of the Land, I am born off it, I live off it and I’ll merge back into it. I rise for a brief time from the Land, and gaze up to the skies, the Moon and other celestial bodies and I wonder… who owns who?”

– AnuSavi Tara 

Our Personal Philosophy 

Earth is our home. It has existed long before we were born and will continue to exist long after we are gone. We buy and sell pieces of the Land as commodity for practical purposes, but in its truest essence Land belongs to nobody but Earth, a celestial body spinning across the universe. When we own land, we may think that the Land belongs to us (and for practical purpose it does), but in reality, We belong to the Land. We choose to be its servitor, its guardian, knowingly or unknowingly! 

Green Tara Investment, LLC

Mission and Vision 

Green Tara Investments, LLC is a NJ based company founded in 2021. The focus of the company is short and long-term investing in land across USA. 

We collaborate with other investors, builders, and land enthusiasts to meet their varied need for land use. We strive to attract Land Buyers/Stewards who would consciously help in developing, preserving, and regenerating land and its resources for good of all involved. 


 We are here to help you find your American Dream Land!

 We work with a network of Investors, Builders to Buy your              Land ASAP!

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